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Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially challenging.  When there are children involved, the situation is even more difficult. 

I speak from experience.  Years before I ever dreamed of becoming an attorney,  I was a young, divorced mother with a child and an absentee father.  For many years I faced the challenges of raising and supporting my child with no assistance or support from his father.

Now that I have become an attorney, I can help you to understand the judicial system and to get the support that you and your family deserve.


Whether you are starting a divorce process, or looking for a modification of an existing order (child custody, child support, etc.), I can help.


I am an experienced trial attorney who has devoted my legal career to defending the rights of individuals accused of serious crimes.    I will devote the same energy in defending your rights in a family law case. 


Call today for an appointment to discuss how I can help you with your case.


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